As a player in the beauty industry, it is our duty to work towards reducing the carbon footprint of our activities and
enhancing their impact on society.

Our environmental actions

  • Reducing water consumption at our industrial facilities.
  • Eco-responsible and sustainable sourcing
  • Eco-design, exclusive Product Lifecycle Analysis Tool & rich library of sustainable materials

Our commitment towards society:

  • Superga Beauty sponsors La Maison des Femmes to support sustainable actions for vulnerable women and victims of violence
  • Creating a professional rehabilitation programme, for women who have suffered domestic abuse
  • Superga Beauty collaborates with an Indian Fairtrade supplier

The above actions are complemented by:

  • Total awareness from our employees, as they are required to sign our group-wide CSR policy as soon as they join us.
  • Local initiatives carried out at our facilities.

CSR is at the heart of Superga Beauty’s strategy.
As part of its CSR strategy, Superga Beauty has undertaken numerous environmental actions to reduce its carbon footprint and achieve carbon neutrality. It also undertakes social and societal actions oriented towards respect and ethics, in particular towards women victims of domestic violence.
A commitment that echoes our actions carried out for the past 5 years with women victims of domestic violence in the town of Saint-Quentin.